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BluePrint Engines Introduces “Builder’s Series” Crate Packages

BluePrint Engines is proud to introduce its new "Builder's Series" line of crate engine solutions. Recognizing a need to make drivetrain installation less painful and time-consuming, BluePrint Engine's game-changing drivetrain crate engine packages take the burden of assembly off the installer, saving valuable build time and expense. Gone are the days of emergency parts runs to find pieces you didn't realize you needed!

A first in the aftermarket, all Builder's Series powertrains are manufactured and shipped as a complete driveline package with the transmission, engine, and front-drive accessories already mated together. Starting with one of its brand new high-performance crate engines, BluePrint matches it with the customer’s choice of an automatic or manual transmission, bolts on the front accessory system, and dresses them with show-worthy parts.

Engine and Transmission Packages

Whether a customer needs a period-correct replacement for a muscle car, a horsepower upgrade for a hotrod, or a modern fuel-injected engine for a restomod — and because all engines are built in-house — BluePrint offers many options regardless of the vehicle manufacturer. All packages come with the following:

●  Complete assembly of engine, trans, front accessories

●  Engine configurations for Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler

●  Choice of manual or automatic transmission

●  Torque converter or clutch assembly installed

●  Choice of EFI or carb in most configurations

●  Starter motor installed

●  One-wire alternator installed

●  Swap-ready oil pan installed

●  Choice of polished or black accessory drive

●  Available with or without air-conditioning and power steering

●  Correct pressure power steering pump

●  Common Sanden air-conditioning compressor

●  Specific dress packages available for Ford Bronco, Mustang, and Cobra

●  Components to fit any muscle car

Customers will have confidence knowing that all BluePrint engines are dyno tested before they leave the facility, and a performance sheet is included with every shipment.

"With our new Builder's Series packages, we analyzed customer pain points when it came to assembly," said BluePrint Engines' Chief Customer Officer, Shawn Sterling. "We found if we combine everything as a turnkey, drop-in package, it will save builders valuable time and resources to work on fabrication elsewhere on the build. It has been very well received across the industry!"

"Being a leader in crate engine packages, our Builder's Series offers a gamut of engine options for vehicles from the Big Three of Chevy, Ford, and Mopar," said Product Manager Johnny McDevitt. "Builders can tailor packages to suit their customer's desire, whether they want an automatic or manual transmission for a fuel-injected or carbureted small-block, big-block, LS, or stroker engine. They can even choose how they want the engine dressed from the front accessory drive to the air cleaner — and they still get our 30-month/50,000-mile warranty."

Check out our Builder's Series introduction video with Steve Magnante here: