BluePrint Engines - Crate Engine Manufacturer

Dyno R&D and Our New EFI System

BluePrint Engines has been a front runner in new product design and new engine offerings. We look at the current offerings on the market, analyze them all, and then design our own in-house product with the best of everything. We also uncover improvements that can be made, whether it be price point, function, design elements, etc.

Our newest venture leads us to modernizing what many would consider "old school" engines with Multi-Port Fuel Injection, using our own proprietary, BluePrint Engines designed, Multi-Port EFI system.

While Throttle Body Injection units are popular because of their price point, Multi-Port Fuel Injection is a whole different animal when it comes to efficiency and complexity. Each intake runner, in very close proximity to the cylinder, has its own injector. Paired with an advanced computer, these 8 fuel injectors better atomize fuel, are more accurately controlled, and lead to better throttle response, mileage, and what we all care about... horsepower! 

The existing aftermarket MPFI systems out there are very good, but they come at a price nearly double of the entry level TBI systems. We wanted to be at the forefront of adapting this technology into our current lineup and design a MPFI system with a similar price point to TBI but with our own BluePrint improvements.

Our design, calibration and reliability engineers have been hard at work ensuring that our Multi-Port EFI system, is ready for the market. This process sometimes takes years of design, testing and validation, and not only includes dyno testing, but real-world testing and studying the strengths and potential issues of the product.

Our BluePrint Engines MPFI system is well into development and should be the next revolution in retrofitting a modernized EFI system into your project!  This new system will incorporate the same modernized advantages of the late model LS, Hemi, Modular Fords, only it will bolt right in place of your current 302, 350, etc.

Our new BluePrint crate engines will be every bit as advanced and modernized as their late model cousins, however they retain the same bolt on parts as your current SBC, SBF, etc.  You won't be hunting for thousands of dollars worth of extra parts you already purchased for your current powerplant. When we take these familiar "shaped" engines, and incorporate coil near plug, modern ECU and modern EFI, it’s literally the best of both worlds!

Check out this video which shows a portion of the development process as Steve Magnante sits down with our calibration engineer, Alex, to discuss our new BluePrint Multi-Port EFI system. Watch it here: