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LS Engine & Transmission Packages

We love our V8s here at BluePrint Engines! From small blocks and big blocks to fuel-injected LS and stroker engines. While we could talk about them all day, we recognize that when building a vehicle there are many other important things to consider apart from selecting the engine. Things such as choosing a transmission that can hold up to the power, selecting the right torque converter stall to match the camshaft, properly aligning the bell-housing, determining which accessories and oil pan will work for your specific vehicle… the list goes on! We wanted to save the headaches of sourcing parts for your drivetrain install and offer a complete solution that comes with everything you need, already assembled.

Introducing BluePrint Engines Builder Series engine and transmission packages! A first in the aftermarket, all Builder Series drivetrains are manufactured and shipped as a complete package with the engine, transmission and front-drive accessories already mated together. We match one of our brand-new crate engines with the customer’s choice of an automatic or manual transmission, bolt on the front accessories and dress them with show-worthy parts. Designed to make drivetrain installation less painful and save valuable build time and expense.

LS Engine and Transmission Packages


With the increasing popularity of late model engine swaps amongst the muscle car and custom car market, we wanted to expand our Builder Series lineup to include our high-performance LS crate engines. Our BluePrint LS 376 produces 530 horsepower and 495ft-lbs of torque. Our LS 427 stroker is built using an all forged rotating assembly and produces 625 horsepower and 565ft-lbs!

All BluePrint Engines LS Builder Series packages come shipped with the following:

  • Complete assembly of LS engine, transmission, front accessories
  • Choice of manual or automatic transmission
  • Torque converter or clutch assembly installed
  • ECU, harness, and drive by wire pedal kit
  • Starter motor installed
  • One-wire alternator installed
  • Swap-ready oil pan installed
  • Choice of polished or black accessory drive
  • Available with or without air-conditioning and power steering
  • Correct pressure power steering pump
  • Common Sanden air-conditioning compressor


Our LS engine and transmission packages are dyno tested before being packaged and shipped with the dyno results. All Builder Series packages are also covered by our 30-month/50,000-mile warranty. (Note: Packages with a manual transmission carry Tremec’s manufacturer warranty)

Check out our latest crate engine tech video with Steve Magnante and BluePrint Engines’ Product Manager, Johnny McDevitt, to learn more about our LS drivetrains: