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The Henry Ford Story

In our latest video, BluePrint Engines founder, Norris Marshall, explains what we can all learn from the Henry Ford story.

In 1909, the Ford Motor Company first produced the Model T, and they built 10,000 cars the first year with a retail price of $850. Henry Ford continued to invest in the company and was able to make cars faster and for less money. By investing in the company, he was able to drive costs down and control quality. This was proven to be the right move, as 17 years later in 1926, the company was making 10,000 cars a day. The price also went down to $260 and allowed a whole new class of people to own cars.

Norris Marshall says, "What I like about the Henry Ford story is that if you go vertical with your supply chain, by doing your own design work and machining inside, you can control the quality. The net result is that we're able to make engines for less, which lets us share the savings with customers, which means we sell more engines. We're going to continue to make investments that allow us to control our destiny and continue to provide customers with a really high-quality product." 

With the ability to build up to 75 crate engines a day, there is no shortage of work to be found at the facility. We are always looking to expand our team and have recently added some new jobs on our “Careers” page. Do you enjoy the roaring sound of V8 engines on the dyno? Apply today!