BluePrint Engines - Crate Engine Manufacturer

Why Choose BluePrint Engines for your Factory Five Build?

Looking for the perfect engine and transmission package to power your Factory Five Racing vehicle? Look no further!

BluePrint Engines and Factory Five Racing have been in a close partnership for years. The engine manufacturer, located in Kearney, Nebraska, has worked closely with FFR to specially design complete drivetrain packages that are compatible with most of their kit vehicle models.

Factory Five MK4 Half Car

BluePrint Engines has done extensive research and development to guarantee fitment in your FFR build – from the front drive accessories and oil pan to the transmission shifter location. Customers can save valuable build time and expense with a completely assembled engine and transmission package from BluePrint Engines. Choose from a wide range of BluePrint’s high-performance Ford and GM style crate engines:

  • 383ci Stroker Small Block Chevy Style (carburetor or fuel injection)
  • 400ci Small Block Chevy Style (carburetor or fuel injection)
  • 302ci Small Block Ford Style (carburetor)
  • 306ci Small Block Ford Style (carburetor or fuel injection)
  • 347ci Stroker Small Block Ford Style (carburetor or fuel injection)
  • 427ci Stroker Small Block Ford Style (carburetor or fuel injection)
  • 367ci LS Crate Engine
  • 427ci Stroker LS Crate Engine


With the customer’s choice of an automatic or manual transmission, each package is specially designed for your FFR vehicle. BluePrint Engines takes care of the R&D and assembly so you can get back to what’s important – driving and enjoying your vehicle!

All BluePrint crate engines are dyno tested before they leave the facility and a dyno sheet is included with every shipment. Customers will have confidence knowing how much power their specific engine produces, guaranteeing performance in your vehicle. BluePrint crate engines are also covered by a 30-month / 50,000-mile warranty, assuring customers that their investment is protected.

In BluePrint’s latest video, Steve Magnante speaks with Factory Five’s premium builder, Ron Everitte, to find out why BluePrint Engines is his choice in aftermarket drivetrains. To learn more visit: